Radiological Services

Flexible and Scalable Radiological Solutions

Day & Zimmermann provides radiological services to meet the demands of the nuclear power industry. We deliver a comprehensive array of health physics, decontamination technicians, and radiological support services as a partner to nuclear power stations across the U.S. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to effectively and efficiently improve radiological protection programs. We provide the following services.

  • Radiological engineers, ALARA specialist
  • Radiation protection managers
  • Sr. & Jr. health physics technicians
  • Specialty decontamination services
  • Sr. & Jr. decontamination technicians
  • Health physics support for integrated valve service work crews
  • End-of-job “lessons learned” reports for work specific outage activities
Day & Zimmermann’s Radiological Services Division is currently used to fill both primary and back-up contract positions for online and refueling outage activities. Our ability to staff these positions is evidenced by our 99% average staffing rate for requested positions – a service level maintained for more than five years.