Government Projects

Firing Range Program (CONUS & OCONUS)

Business Challenge

Since developing our first firing range at Camp Zachary Taylor in 1917, our goal continues to be providing the most realistic training exercises possible for today’s troops. From training and maneuver areas to shoot houses to fully automated targetry, our engineers strive to design and construct the most up-to-date live fire and simulated fire training facilities required to support our warfighters and law enforcement officers.

Services Provided
  • Range master planning
  • Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) generation and analysis
  • Code 3 and DD3086 preparation
  • Project Definition Reports (PDR’s)
  • D/B RFP preparation
  • 100% full designs
  • Line of Sight (LOS) evaluations
  • Construction support, CCI and TII inspections
  • GIS and geo-spatial surveys and services

Our most recent experience includes reconfigurable classrooms and after action review theatres, virtual simulators, indoor and outdoor training and live firing ranges in support of changing weapons platforms as well as conceivable types of threats and devices that our military and private sector security forces are encountering. We strive to deliver the most realistic and practical training scenarios reflecting today’s and tomorrow’s environment.

Types of ranges we design for armed forces and law enforcement personnel include:

  • Indoor ranges (rifle, pistol, shot gun and machine gun)
  • Urban Assault Courses (UAC) (Standard 5 Training Stations plus ROCA)
  • Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF)
    • Urban towns, digital targets and cameras, simulated fire
  • Standard qualification type ranges
    • Qualification Training Ranges (QTR), Combat Pistol/Military Police Qualification Courses (CPMPQC), Modified Record Fire Ranges (MRF), Fire & Movement Ranges (FMR), Heavy Sniper Ranges (HSR), Automated Record Fire Ranges (ARF), rifle, pistol and machine gun qualification ranges
  • Live Fire Exercise Shoot Houses (LFSH)
  • Specialty ranges and support buildings
    • Light Demolition Ranges (LDR), Live Fire Exercise Breach Facility (LFEB), Training Support Centers (TSC), Known Distance Ranges (KD), Sniper Field Fire Ranges (SFF), Convoy Live Fire Ranges (CLF), Antiarmor Tracking and Live Fire Ranges (AATLF), range control facilities, range towers, battery maintenance buildings, range operations centers, ammunition breakdown buildings, covered messes, and bleacher enclosures
  • Standard infantry training courses
    • Squad Defense Ranges (SDR), Infantry Platoon Battle Courses (IPBC), Infantry Squad Battle Courses (ISBC), Multipurpose Machine Gun Range (MPMG), Automated Field Fire Ranges (AFF), Rifle/Machine Gun Zero Range (Zero)
  • Large scale digital ranges
    • Battle Areas Complexes (BAX), Digital Multipurpose Training Ranges (DMPTR), Stationary Gunnery Ranges (SGR), Light Anti-Armor Ranges (LAAR), Scout/Reconnaissance Ranges (Sct/Recce), Digital Multipurpose Range Complex (DMPRC)
  • Simulators
    • Close combat tactical trainers, battlefield simulators, helicopter and aircraft training simulators, weapons simulators