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Appendix R Security Upgrades

Generating Capacity: 2 Units, 2,282 MW

Scope of Services

Day & Zimmermann (D&Z) performed planning, scheduling, and complete installation services for the NRC-mandated Appendix R security upgrades. This fast-track project included a new perimeter video system with 97 fixed, infrared, and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. More than 145 craft and staff personnel worked more than 350,000 hours without any safety incidents.

The D&Z team installed more than 16,000 linear feet of perimeter trenching, more than 100,000 linear feet of underground Future-flex fiber-optic armored cable, and the following new equipment.

  • Video capture system

  • Access control system with computer work stations

  • Hand geometry units

  • Security badge card readers (142 throughout the plant)

  • Personnel infrared scanners

A significant number of underground passive pathway impairments (large concrete and steel bunkers) were encountered where tunnels or large-diameter piping passed from the protected area to the owner controlled area. Numerous defensive firing positions and concealment fences were installed in various locations throughout the plant.