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Reactor Recirc Motor Replacement

Generating Capacity:   1 Unit, 620 MW

Scope of Services

ArevaDZ was the primary contractor for the reactor recirc motor replacement. ArevaDZ provided engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as tools, equipment, rigging and materials, supervision, and craft/staff. The work was done using a three-phase model that ArevaDZ implemented on site. The scope of work was as follows.

  • Installation of floor plating track steel for crane of motor

  • Installation of two new Chesterton hoists for lifting motor

  • Removed and transported old motor from drywell to holding area

  • Transported new motor to drywell and performed rigging and installation

  • Removed all non-permanent equipment

Accomplishments and Innovations

ArevaDZ completed the work almost 4,000 hours ahead of schedule; as a result ArevaDZ saved the customer more than $230,000 on the project. During the recirc motor replacement, 23,995 hours were worked with zero OSHA or DART incidents.