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Central Alarm Station Relocation Project

Generating Capacity: 2 Units, 1,676 MW

Scope of Services

Day & Zimmermann (D&Z) provided construction and installation services for the relocation of the Central Alarm Station (CAS). Work was performed to meet the plant security requirements of 10 CFR 73.55. The CAS relocation project was completed 35 days ahead of schedule, and had a cost savings of $3.8 million.

D&Z worked with a tight schedule and budget constraints. Work was performed concurrently with a major turbine replacement outage and other major outage activities. The new CAS installation consisted of a 2,000-sq. ft. ballistic and blast-resistant structure which houses a diesel generator, uninterruptable power supply, inverters, batteries, video capture equipment, operator’s console and other related equipment as defined in the design basis threat assessment. The relocation rerouted every security system across the entire site, most of which is considered safeguard information. More than 60,000 feet of cable was pulled, and additional duct banks and manholes were constructed to support the transition.

D&Z’s work scope included project management, construction, subcontractor supervision, craft labor, planning coordination, and field & testing engineering for installation of the CAS building, its associated equipment, and interconnections with the plant’s Service Building.

Accomplishments and Innovations

D&Z had an outstanding safety record: zero OSHA recordables, zero accidents, zero human performance issues working 188,706 craft hours.