Safety programs within our business units have been developed to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, with particular emphasis on OSHA and other safety standards that apply to each operating unit.

Yoh: Why Be Safe Program
Yoh, Day & Zimmermann's workforce solutions unit, demonstrates its commitment to protecting the health and well-being of its employees through the Why Be Safe program. Created by Yoh in 2002, Why Be Safe promotes safety awareness by providing all employees with a comprehensive safety orientation, along with a library of safety tips and procedures, to create and sustain a safety-conscious environment that will not be compromised for reasons of profit and productivity. 

Information on a variety of work- and home-related hazards, as well as preventative measures, is distributed through the Why Be Safe website, Employees are actively encouraged to share that information with their families and the thousands of contract professionals Yoh has placed in a variety of industries nationwide.

Munitions: Zero Injury Safety Program
This innovative safety program, started by the Munitions division in 1995, continues to be of benefit in reducing critical safety metrics such as recordable injuries, restricted duty days and cases involving days away from work.

Power Services: Construction Industry Institute Zero Accident Program
Day & Zimmermann's Power Services unit has adopted the Construction Industry Institute Zero Accident Program as their standard. The philosophy of this program is that everyone, regardless of position, can be involved in reducing and/or eliminating on-the-job incidents. By initiating this program, Power Services has successfully reduced its lost time incident rate by more than 250%.