CEO Letter

Letter from the Chairman & CEO

The Day and Zimmermann Group, Inc. Ethics Reporting Program
Hal Yoh, Chairman & CEO

Our Company’s reputation is one of our most valuable assets and preserving it is essential to retaining our talented employees and loyal customers. We’ve worked hard over many years to build our reputation as a values-based Company, a distinction earned through the actions of our employees. However, like all reputations, all it takes is one questionable act to damage it.

Therefore, our continued success hinges on our employees conducting business with integrity every day. And it is why we encourage you to report employee misconduct when suspected. To help you, we are providing this website as another option – in addition to Ethics Officers and the Ethics Help Line – for reporting a suspected violation of the Company’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct.

This website allows you to submit a report confidentially and from any location with Internet access. And like our Ethics Help Line, it also allows you to submit your report anonymously. However, I encourage you to include contact information when submitting your report so that we can expedite a resolution of your concern.

In either case, your information will be treated confidentially, and there is never any retribution or reprisals for making a report in good faith.

Every time you report a concern regarding a violation of our Code of Ethics, you are making a difference for everyone at Day & Zimmermann and you have my full support and appreciation.

Harold L. Yoh, III
Chairman & CEO

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